The Paleo Diet Just Got South Africanized... Bru!

Common Paleo Diet Foods in South Africa

Eat that fat, It`s actually good for you!

Ouma was wrong! Whether you like it or not. Fat doesn’t make you fat, it’s all that pap and garlic roll next to that steak that makes you fat!

Leave the fat on your steak, fat is much more filling than carbs are, make sure you get enough fat to kill any cravings. This is what`s awesome about the Paleo Diet, you can really enjoy a lekker braai now more than ever. What other diet can you enjoy braai vleis with? Our free paleo diet recipes will make your Ouma very angry!

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Ouma doesnt like the paleo diet
Don`t let angry Ouma intimidate you into eating her Vetkoek! She will still love you, we promise.

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paleo diet before and after south africa

Results sent in by J. Claassen, 28, Ballito

I`ve lost 11kg`s in 8 weeks and I feel better than I have ever before. Honestly, I don`t even want to call it a diet, it really is just a different way of eating using the paleo recipes that just makes sense. Looking back now, I don`t know why I was eating all the junk I was before..

I am now permanently on the Paleo Diet and it is a way of life for me now. Every week I see less and less fat on me, and at this rate I`m sure I will not have an ounce of fat left on me! The paleo diet plan is part of my life now.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to join this website and even to buy the E-book. It really cost me nothing compared to what I was getting. It cost me less than a round of drinks at the bar!

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How Does the Paleo Diet Work?

Man kind hunted and gathered vegetables, fruit, nuts, seafood, meat, roots & seeds for thousands of years. This period before the advancement of agriculture is known as the Paleolithic era. Also known as the Stone Age diet, hunter gatherer diet and the caveman diet. Even though the world has seen massive advancements in technology, some things still remain the same.

You see, the fast advancements of modern food technology and agriculture has overtaken our bodies natural ability to evolve accordingly, hence we are eating food that our bodies simply aren’t designed to process and digest.

Extract from The Paleo Diet Ebook

The Paleo Diet Ebook


You really have nothing to lose (except fat) , and every to gain! Order the ebook now, and you can thank us later...

A letter from the founders of

The Goal of

The primary goal of is to help South Africans realize the full potential of the Paleo Diet by providing a wealth of information through our website, ebook and paleo diet recipes.  We also aim to create a small community of “Paleo Eaters” where we can all share our experiences, ideas and rely on for support.

By buying the ebook, is not just a silly paleo diet plan… you really are buying into our club of fellow Paleo Eaters and support systems!

What is the Paleo Diet all about?

Most people in the South Africa haven’t heard of the Paleo diet, so we thought we would start with a very brief explanation. Some followers are stricter than others, and we will talk about our take on it and in our recipes. First of all, Paleo is short for Paleolithic Era. You may well have heard of it referred to as the “Caveman Diet”, although, if we were going to re-name it, we would actually prefer to call it ‘The Real Food Diet.”

We have done hundreds of hours of research in compiling this e-book, as well as years of experience following the Paleo way of eating and making up paleo recipes, which involved a lot of experimenting with what works and what does not. If you follow our plan 100%, we 100% guarantee results! But you need to put in the work…

So, what do we eat?

We eat anything that can be hunted or gathered, and basically we try to avoid food that are processed or sealed in plastic.

Things we eat a lot of:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and Seeds

We avoid sugar (the devil!), grains (don’t get me started) and legumes (why would you do this to your stomach?!). Here’s our favorite bit; we eat a lot of fat and we love it! It is a fantastic source of energy, and it makes us sad when we hear people on low fat diets, who are constantly hungry and malnourished (stop counting calories and get on the avocado`s!) We do admit to eating a little bit of full fat dairy from time to time, but we seem to tolerate it pretty well.

Hey! We don`t just preach, we practice too!

We, the founders of this website, are both followers of the Paleo Diet, we won`t say we are devout (We do cheat once in a while, maybe once a month or so) but 95% of the time we eat 100% Paleo. Our result however have been unbelievable. We have both consistently lost weight over a long period of time, but don`t be fooled, the first month you will see substantial weight loss!

Once, the weight is off, maintaining your new body is easy if you just stick to your plan. Hunger is never an issue and cravings are easy to manage with the methods we provide in the e-book.

Again, if you follow this plan 100%, we guarantee results!


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